Seasonal Weekly Vacation Rentals
Reduced Rates Available April-May and September-October. Please Call for Off Season Rates. 50% Deposit is required for all Rentals. Rentals are furnished except for linens, towels and paper products.

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Featured Weekly Rental
Property Address Bedrooms Baths Pets Pool Price Deposit Type Location
Kamla Condo 2113 Atlantic Ave 303 Kamla Condo 2113 Atlantic Ave 303 2 2.5 No No $1425 to $1950 per week $350 Condo Oceanfront - Boardwalk

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Address Bedrooms Baths Pets Smoking Pool Type Deposit Price Location



For more information or to make reservations after viewing and making your Vacation Rental Property selections call 757-428-0046 or 800-553-7089

Please review our Vacation Rental Information and Terms
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PHONE: (757) 428-0046 • (757) 422-6741
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Virginia Beach Vacation Rentals






For information on specific properties please call 1-800-553-7089 or 757-422-6741 for Vacation Rental Information. ALL PROPERTIES ARE SUBJECT TO LODGING TAXES OF 14% + $2 A DAY, $65 ADMINISTRATIVE FEE, AND ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE PROTECTION MAY BE REQUIRED

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